When will a Judge talk to a Minor

child-pulledIn family court, the judges don’t like to get the kids involved.  You do not want to bring the kids to court with you.  There is an exception, however.  When a minor is 14 years old or older, a judge must talk to the minor at the minor’s request.  It’s not advisable to simply show up at court with your teen-ager in tow.  File paperwork in order to have a hearing, and put the request before the judge, who will then schedule a time to have the minor brought in to speak to the judge.  Most likely, the judge will speak to the minor in chambers, and will not tell the parents afterwards what was said.  Additionally, just because the minor tells the judge what the minor wants doesn’t mean it will automatically happen.  The minor must have very good reason to sway the judge  to do what the minor is requesting, such as living with one parent over the other.