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Modification of Child Support

A client signed a settlement agreement a little over a year ago wherein the parties agreed that she would have primary custody and the other party would pay child support in the sum of $400 per month.  The other party wasn’t working at the time.

Since that time, the other party has gained employment and earns significantly much more, so we prepared a Request for Order for Modification of Child Support.

Modifying child support is usually easy and shouldn’t require a lot of time and money, as long as both parties have jobs and their income is easily verifiable, as in this case.

We spent approximately 2 hours preparing the paperwork, and I am expecting to spend about 2 hours at the hearing.

Of course, although I expect this case to go smoothly, the reaction of the other party could create more work.  The other party could show up and ask for a continuance in order to retain an attorney, or he could have an attorney who asks for a continuance for various reasons, or they could try to subpoena documents, or any other assortment of activities that could cause more work and delay in this case.

But this matter should still be resolved easily in spite of possible delays.