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Let someone else report child abuse

Today we had a hearing on the expansion of visitation for dad.  Mom didn’t want dad to have more visitation (as he was requesting) because she believes that he might be abusing the kids.

Mom had already gone to the court for a TRO about a month ago, which was denied.

Since the TRO was denied, we needed to come from a position of appearing to want to work this out, rather than possibly being accused of interfering with dad’s right to have a relationship with his children, or mom could lose primary custody.

However, we were able to get dad to agree to allow counseling for the children.  Counselors are mandated reporters.  If the children disclose something to the counselor that sounds like abuse, the counselor has to report it to Children’s Protective Services, who will then most likely perform an investigation.

This means that mom is not doing the reporting herself.  It takes her out of the picture as looking like she’s just trying to get dad in trouble.