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Intervention in a Family Law Matter

We successfully intervened on behalf of a client in a family law matter wherein our client had purchased a property owned by the parties to the family law matter, and one of the parties was hindering our client’s ability to finalize the transaction, although it was already ordered and approved.

Specifically, a receiver had been appointed by the court to sell the property, which it did to our client, but then the Petitioner in the family law matter, in order to thwart the sale, recorded 4 different encumbrances to the property, even though she was ordered not to do so.

To add insult to injury, the Petitioner stopped making the payments on the property, causing it to go into default.

We intervened on an ex parte basis, filed a complaint in intervention, and then filed a request for order cancelling the four encumbrances so that we could close escrow.

Those orders were granted recently.  The four encumbrances, which include a Lis Pendens, Quitclaim Deed, Deed of Trust, and Lease, were ordered expunged/cancelled.

All that’s left is to be heard on the issue of attorney’s fees.