Areas of Practice

Child Support

Child support is almost a “non-issue.”  There is a statutory calculation that takes into consideration the gross monthly income of each parent and the amount of time each parent has the children, and then dictates the amount of money that one parent will be obligated to pay to the other parent. Child support can be …

Custody and Visitation

Hopefully the parties can come to an agreement as to how to share custody of their most prized possessions: Their children. In the old days, it was common that the mother automatically got custody and the father had visitation every other weekend. Not so any more. The law is clear that, absent domestic violence issues or …


Domestic Violence

Sometimes it becomes necessary to obtain a restraining order to protect yourself against violence, and it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female.  While more women tend to be abused than men, the statistics of domestic violence against men are under-reported. In any event, the abused person will want to go to court to …

Request for Order (Order to Show Cause)

One of the first steps usually taken when a divorce is initiated is to file a Request for Order (formerly known as an Order to Show Cause). Because it can take six months or more to get a divorce, the parties will need temporary orders to either maintain the status quo or to temporarily settle …

Spousal Support

Contrary to popular belief, spousal support is not automatically awarded to the spouse requesting it.

Temporary spousal support can be requested at the same time that the petition for dissolution is filed, the same as child support.

One of the main factors that the court will take into consideration in determining whether spousal support should be ordered is the standard of living during the marriage.The court will attempt to award spousal support sufficient to enable both parties to live the same life style as they enjoyed during the marriage.If they both earn equal income, however, then most likely the life style of each will spiral down to some degree and neither party will be ordered to pay spousal support unless there is a large disparity in income.