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Anne Marie Healy, Esq.

Anne Marie Healy is an aggressive attorney who diligently protects her clients’ interests.  She, along with of counsel Alexander J. Lopez, have a combined 25 years experience.  The attorneys will not take “NO” for an answer while acting on your behalf, and will not expect you settle on any issue unless it really is in your best interest.  They are both experienced litigators and are not afraid to go to trial.

Alexander J. Lopez works with clients on an individual basis. He does not use

Alexander J. Lopez, Esq.

paralegals or other attorneys to work on your matter. He handles all of the paperwork and makes all court appearances.

We also handle Collaborative Divorces, where both parties can come in and, although Mr. Lopez would be retained by one party, he can help both navigate the maze of filings needed to complete your divorce.

Once you retain Alexander J. Lopez, you will not have to worry any further about your case.

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